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Judit Makara

Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest

Judit Makara focuses on how dendrites contribute to and actively shape neuronal activity, and what molecular mechanisms underlie these processes. She tries to understand what dendrites are good for, why they are so heterogeneous, and how they play a role in memory formation. To investigate such thin living structures as dendrites ‘in operation’, one needs state-of-the-art methodology and sophisticated analysis. Judit has mastered both and she also has a team of enthusiastic students and senior experts.

After receiving her PhD in 2003, she spent her first postdoc period in Tamás Freund’s group. In 2006, she joined Jeff Magee’s group at Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA, where she learned the basis of her current methodological approaches: she uses a combination of two-photon imaging, two-photon glutamate uncaging and electrophysiology to study dendritic mechanisms in the rodent hippocampal circuitry in vitro and in vivo. She returned home and established the Laboratory of Neuronal Signaling in 2011.

You will meet Judit at the Career Forum, and will have a chance to ask her about her work, career and professional experiences. Judit is the mother of two sons, so you might also get an insight to how she finds the balance between career and family!

Here are some interesting interviews with Judit and the description of her research (some of it only in Hungarian)

Interview about their recent paper in Nature Communication

The Laboratory of Neuronal Signaling

Interview after she received the ERC Consolidator Grant in 2018

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